You find that no matter what was promised in all your discussions with consultancy firms, they're just not delivering what you expected. They're great at PowerPoint - you get beautiful slides - but you can't see the real business value.

You find that they talk a good game, but when work actually starts, the people they send aren't always up to the task. You certainly don't get the partner who sold it to you, anyway.

You wonder why it's so difficult to get them to take real ownership, real accountability, and put real skin in the game. It feels like all the risk is on your shoulders.

You know that you should be getting more value from the consultancies you work with. And you're ready to make it happen.


We are a small group of independent consultants and advisors, specialising in procurement and organisational change. We've all noticed and felt first hand the effects of sub-optimally designed consultancy contracts, entered into with the best of intentions, with the inevtiable result of wasted time and money. Change requests, contract extensions, buying process inefficiencies and internal capability gaps all lead to increased administrative burden and value left uncaptured.

We come with expertise acquired from a broad range of sectors, including financial services, FMCG, transportation, retail, pharamceuticals, energy, automotive, government and charity.

Getting more value from consultancies is a holistic challenge that encompasses process review, change management, education and training, negotiation strategy and direct work with the consultancies themselves. Change in thinking, process and action must be embedded to be effective, and our approach ensures that an engagement with us doesn't become 'just another training course' and that your team is left with a substantial and lasting impact.


The California Gold Rush of the mid-nineteenth century brought hundreds of thousands of people to the west coast of the USA. Drawn by promises of unprecedented volumes of gold, California's pull was so significant that the buzz became palpable. Electric. Dripping with opportunity. Many in the eastern states set a course cross-country. They left boldly in search of their own fortunes. They were all on one track, and it was headed west.

Most companies waste a lot of money when hiring consultancies. They struggle to articulate the risks of an engagement and inadvertently incentivise their consultancy partners to work at cross purposes to what they really want done. They mistakenly surrender control when they shouldn't, or fail to relinquish it when they should. The result is predictable: unexpected extensions, rework and, ultimately, the loss of value. Such is the fate of most companies. By daring to explore new territory, and approach consultancy engagements like never before, Track West Advisory can make sure you don't end up like them.

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