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We help large companies beginning their procurement journey by
sharing the successful strategies of the FTSE 100companies.

Every company comes to a point where it’s scaled up as much as possible. The only way to
increase profit at this point is to save money.

The largest, best-known brands in the world all have their own procurement department.
They can afford it. Companies like yours—beginning to dabble their toes in challenges like
reducing operational expenditure and supplier contract optimisation—often can’t.

That’s why we offer an alternative to building a full procurement team in-house: procurement
as a service.

That’s why we offer an alternative to building a full procurement team in-house: procurement
as a service.

We will reduce your operational expenditure and get the supplier contracts and
service you deserve—or teach you how to do it!

But enough of us talking about ourselves.


Addressing Coca-Cola European Partners' entire vehicle fleet, we secured savings of $12.5m across three businesses spanning seven countries.

“Smart, committed and self-directed, quickly understanding and matching a company's culture and objectives.”

Coca-Cola’s Procurement Category Lead for Fleet

We saved AB-InBev $16.6m (35% against baseline) through the design and deployment of a creative 'slow-burning' Dutch auction process that maximised the exploitation of psychological triggers to secure the best possible deal.

“Delivered beyond my highest expectations.”

AB-InBev’s Global CFO

Our sourcing projects were part of an annual category spend of £145 million. Through our fuel policy review, implemented in 42 countries, BAT reduced its car fleet fuel consumption significantly.

“Consultative input to the rest of the team around the world. The team at Track West are one of the few I've encountered who are actively trying to change it for the better. I would highly recommend them.”

Global Procurement Director, Anheuser-Busch InBev



Most consultancy firms talk a big game and are great at PowerPoint. You get pretty slides,
but you can’t see the real business value.

When work actually starts, the people they send aren't always up to the task. You certainly
don't get the partner who sold it to you, anyway.

You wonder why it's so difficult to get them to take real ownership, real accountability, and
put real skin in the game. It feels like all the risk is on your shoulders.

You know that you should be getting more value from the consultancies you work with. And
you're ready to make it happen.

And we’re right there with you.


James Howes

James has worked with world-leading companies like HSBC, Coca-Cola, AB-InBev, and
Worldpay. He helped them save over £50m combined.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest global companies and it earned
me a good reputation for my solid thinking. I always take a no-fluff, no-nonsense approach,
which is generally appreciated.

In 2006, I landed my first procurement job as one of just 9 trainees, chosen from more than
2,000 candidates. Helping companies save money has been my bread and butter ever

There’s just nothing more rewarding than seeing seven-figure savings in a final report that I
can deliver to my clients.”


Colin Robinson

With feats like saving $18m for the Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), £15m for the Hilton
Hotels and Implementing a step change in the way Tesco procured it's property services,
Colin knows how to deliver value and ROI.

“Working with me, you’ll find I’m not just all about numbers. I understand the importance of
great relationships with suppliers, and the value these relationships can bring.

I chose a career in procurement because of my love for travelling, my passion for negotiation
and supplier relationship management. In every company I work with, I see so much
untapped value in their supply base.

And value is not just about getting a better price. Value made up of four key elements and
depending on the individual project goals should be weighted accordingly.

The four elements of value are: PQSI: Price, Quality, Service, and Innovation.”


Michael Gonzalez

Michael was in charge of over $900 million in annual expenditure as a final accountable cost
board approver for one of the largest Global Banks. He has excellent negotiation skills, one
prime example was reviewing a contract, and reducing the post-deal budget by over
70%—or $425k saved—while maintaining the same level of service and quality output.

“I’m focused, commercially driven, and understand complexities quickly.

The reason I got into procurement was simply that I was good at it. I’m a natural-born

I love providing real value to my clients, and the sense of achievement I get after a
successfully finished project is incredible.”


David Kendall

David has personally delivered millions in savings for giants like Sainsbury’s, Heinz, and
Royal Mail. He’s an old hand in procurement with significant exposure to virtually every
non-core spend category.

“I’m tenacious, professional, and I value integrity. I’m also quite sociable and love any sport
with a ball in it.

My entrepreneurial spirit made me pursue a career in procurement. I love looking for ways to
improve the possibility of success for all kinds of different businesses.

I get a real buzz from it. Getting companies the contracts and service they deserve is one of
the best feelings in the world. It makes me proud to have proved my mettle.”

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The California Gold Rush of the mid-nineteenth century brought hundreds of thousands of
people to the west coast of the USA. Drawn by promises of unprecedented volumes of gold,
California's pull was so significant that the buzz became palpable. Electric. Dripping with
opportunity. Many in the eastern states set a course cross-country. They left boldly in search
of their own fortunes. They were all on one track, and it was headed west.

Most companies waste a lot of money when hiring consultancies. They struggle to articulate
the risks of an engagement and inadvertently incentivise their consultancy partners to work
at cross purposes to what they really want done. They mistakenly surrender control when
they shouldn't, or fail to relinquish it when they should. The result is predictable: unexpected
extensions, rework and, ultimately, the loss of value. Such is the fate of most companies. By
daring to explore new territory, and approach consultancy engagements like never before,
Track West Advisory can make sure you don't end up like them.