The one-to-one, done-for-you service. We work directly with you and your team, immersing ourselves in your problem until you've got the right suppliers in place, incentivised by the right things.

Direct consultation is best used when you have a specific consultancy engagement coming up and you want to make sure it's set up correctly from the beginning. 

Consultation is most often remote, but face-to-face can also be arranged. We offer a number of commercial models - we put our money where our mouth is - and will openly and freely discuss with you the merits of each for you and your situation. Our clients are often pleasantly surprised by how refreshingly frank our approach is.



Our classroom-based training programme provides an immersive and interactive learning experience. The course contains three distinct case studies, each designed to highlight different elements of the contract and pricing structures you can use, while progressively increasing in complexity. There is little in the way of presentation - the entire programme is approximately 20 slides - so no 'death by PowerPoint', guaranteed.

Courses are half a day long and are conducted face to face. They can take place at your own facilities or off-site at a suitably-equipped local venue; the choice is yours. The classroom size is kept deliberately small - a maximum of 24 delegates per class - and progress is measured live and in real time. We then return to your delegates a month after the completion of the course, to ensure that the learning has been integrated.


E-learning for Enterprise is currently in development. When complete, it will provide a self-serve education solution to equip your team with the full suite of learning provided in our classroom-based training, with the added conveniences of scaleability and  the ability for your delegates to work at their own pace, at a lower price point. E-learning for Enterprise is a video course with comprehensive worksheets and on-screen exercises, as well as the most common discussion points from the classroom-based training to ensure that the impact of the learning is not diminished.


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